Monday, May 28, 2012

List of thypefaces used for signage worldwide

ANWB Cc – condensed road typeface used in the Netherlands, based on FHWA Series C. It is used mainly on finger   posts
ANWB Dd – slightly condensed road typeface used in the Netherlands, which has been introduced in 2010
ANWB Ee – commonly used road typeface in the Netherlands, based on FHWH Series E(M)
ANWB Uu – new road typeface used in the Netherlands, designed by Gerard Unger
Austria – road typeface used in Austria
Brunel – created on behalf of Railtrack for use in British railway stations by David Quay, Freda Sack, also in use on Delhi Metro
Brusseline – developed for Brussels’ public transport company
Calvert – developed for the Tyne and Wear Metro by Margaret Calvert
Carretera – developed for the General Directorate of Highways in Turkey
Casey – developed by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation for its own use
Clearview – developed to replace U.S. Federal Highway Administration typefaces
DIN 1451 – the German transport typeface
Drogowskaz – the Polish transport typeface
Esseltub – earlier used in Stockholm Metro
FIP signage typeface - a modified version of Helvetica Medium used by the Government of Canada
FF Meta – used in Stockholm Metro
Frutiger – used on Swiss road signs, across the public transport network of Oslo, Norway, by the Dutch National Railways, BAA Airports in the UK, and in UK’s National Health Service
FHWA Series fonts – sometimes called Highway Gothic. Developed for U.S. road signage, and also used in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand
Futura BSK – used by Italian railways
Gill Sans – used by British Railways until 1965
Helvetica – used in the New York City Subway system, the Chicago Transit Authority system, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority system, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system, and in the Madrid Metro; formerly used in Hong Kong’s MTR and Stockholm Metro
Helvetica Neue – used for road signs in Hong Kong
Johnston – used by Transport for London
LTA Identity Typeface - used by Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit
Metrolis – custom designed font for the 1995 rebranding of Metropolitano de Lisboa, designed by the Foundry 
Motorway – used for motorway route numbers in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Myriad – used on Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway
NPS Rawlinson – used by the United States National Park Service
Parisine – used in the Paris Métro
Pragmatica – used in the Saint Petersburg Metro since 2002; currently is being replaced by Freeset, Cyrillic variation of Frutiger
Rail Alphabet – designed for British Rail in 1964 and still in use on parts of the UK rail network. Rail Alphabet is also still in use across the Danish rail network and its principle operator, DSB.
Rotis Semi Sans – used by its own creator, Otl Aicher, for the Metro Bilbao corporate design.
Rotis Serif – used on road signposts in Singapore.
Sispos and Sisneg by Bo Berndal – old Swedish standard (SIS 030011, 1973) for public road signs, displays, etc.
Toronto Subway Font – used by the Toronto Transit Commission in maps, publications, and stations of the Toronto Subway & RT
Trafikkalfabetet (“The traffic alphabet”) – used for Norwegian road signs and license plates until 2002
Transport – developed for the British roads, used in Italy, Portugal, Greece and other countries
Tratex – used for road signs in Sweden
Univers – used by the Montreal Metro, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit, Frankfurt Airport and the Walt Disney World Resort road system
Vejtavleskrift (“Road sign typeface”) – used for road signs in Denmark

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